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Early Childhood Developmental Disorders Early Rehabilitation  services (lith. VRSAR) are outpatient personal health care services provided by a team of specialists to ensure early identification of developmental disorders in children, early comprehensive support for children with developmental disorders or risk factors for developmental disorders, their parents or other legal representatives of the child. VRSAR services are provided for children up to 7 years of age, and children under 4 years of age are prioritized.

Prescribing services: the family doctor, pediatrician or other specialists refer the patient to the  VRSAR provider for a consultation if they have identified a developmental disorder in the child or a risk of developmental disorder. This doctor will refer patients if indicated:

To receive outpatient VRSAR services:

VRSAR services are provided by a team of specialists: outpatient – a doctor, a medical psychologist, a speech and language therapist, a physiotherapist, a nurse, a social worker (an occupational therapist and/or a special educator may also work).

Procedure for the provision of VRSAR services: a team of specialists draws up and implements an individual early diagnosis and rehabilitation program for children with developmental disabilities, which is drawn up for a year and involves the child’s parents in this process. The individual program is designed by specialists who choose scientifically sound methods of diagnosis, treatment and family support, taking into account the child’s health and developmental status. Parents must be involved in the design of the individual program and work with the professionals to implement it. Outpatient VRSAR services are routinely provided to the child and his/her family. Patients with complex developmental disorders complicated by comorbid mental, visual, hearing, physical and other disorders, or where outpatient treatment does not achieve the expected results, are referred for inpatient VRSAR services.

Payment of VRSAR services: services are covered from the budget of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund per calendar year: