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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a structured and evidence-based approach to helping children with autism learn new skills and reduce challenging behaviors.

It is like a toolkit for helping children with autism learn and grow. It’s based on understanding why people behave in certain ways and using that knowledge to teach new skills and reduce problem behaviors.

In ABA therapy, specially trained professionals work with your child to break down complex skills, like talking or playing with others, into smaller, manageable steps. Then, they use positive reinforcement, like social praise, play, etc. to encourage your child to learn each step.

ABA therapy isn’t just about teaching new skills. It’s also about helping your child understand the world around them better and reducing behaviors that might get in the way of learning or socializing. So, if your child struggles with things like tantrums or not following directions, ABA can help address those challenges too.

One of the great things about ABA is that it’s personalized to fit your child’s needs and interests. Therapists will work closely with you to set goals and create a plan that works for your family.

Overall, ABA therapy is about helping your child reach their full potential and making everyday life a little easier for both of you.”