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Listening is not just hearing

The sounds of the world around us, the quality of our perception of them, and the way we are, interact and react to different things are directly related.

Otorhinolaryngologist Alfred A. Tomatis (1920-2001), combining his passion for music and singing with his interest in clinical work, invented a system of hearing restoration that is widely used today in universities, institutes, hospitals, therapy centres, educational institutions, etc. The Tomatis method trains the ear to listen and the brain to analyse sounds correctly. This method improves motor, emotional and cognitive skills through music and language.

Adapting the technique

The Tomatis method retrains and re-educates the entire hearing system. The Besson® electronic ear, combined with the Tomatis method, has created an effective, multidimensional electronic stimulator for the human hearing system.This equipment enables the modification of sound frequencies and the application of other auditory training techniques to restore the proper functioning of the auditory nervous system.

It is important to consider the quality of the device and the device itself when applying the therapy. The Besson® electronic ear works in an analogue rhythm that corresponds to the neurophysiological reactions of the human body. To achieve an effective result, we decided to use a true analogue set of devices that allow us to implement the therapy in the way Alfred Tomatis himself used it.

Besson® is a Swiss manufacturer of high-quality equipment. The manufacturer’s approach ensures that it avoids the sound distortion that typically occurs with digital technology and low-quality pre-recorded audio tracks. The Besson® Electronic Ear Stimulator uses the Tomatis method to address disorders resulting from difficulties in language development, including reading and writing disorders, while auditory stimulation contributes to the activation of the brain, helping it to maintain vitality and plasticity.

Who is the therapy for?

Assessment and listening sessions

What will be listened to?

Listeners will hear Mozart and Gregorian Chant specially adapted by a music engineer. The second stage will include voice and speech exercises. The voice and speech exercises are part of the active phase, during which the listener repeats the words he/she hears into the microphone, thus activating the auditory and vocal lobes of the brain.

What else does the listener do during the session?

Listening is primarily about relaxation and creativity. Listeners often draw or engage in other creative activities, cognitive tasks such as jigsaw puzzles or games.

Balance your hearing with the Besson® Electronic Ear with Tomatis Effect and Besson® Hearing Training System.

For more information on the equipment used in our center, please visit the official Besson of Switzerland website:

The Tomatis Method is an educational program. It is not a medical diagnosis or treatment.