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In 2022 November-December VŠĮ Sėkmingi vaikai implements the project “Strengthening the development of a public institution, implementing the VB-MAPP methodology and using inter-institutional cooperation to improve the quality of competences”. In the course of this project, competence development training was organized for specialists working with children with developmental disabilities, implementing a model of social skills formation. 40 people from Vilnius participated in the training. specialists from 20 institutions of companies providing education and social services subordinate to the municipality, 10 specialists of the Public Enterprise Sėkmingi vaikii and 10 volunteers of the institution. After the training, the social and subject competences in interpreting, applying and implementing the model of formation of social and communicative abilities for children with developmental disorders deepened. Knowledge of initiative and creativity was also deepened. VB-MAPP sets (methodology and protocol) were handed over to the training participants, additionally Vilnius 100 units were handed over to institutions subordinate to the municipality. VB-MAPP protocols (5 units per institution).

In order to maintain the acquired competences, 6 supportive group supervisions will be organized for the training participants during this project. The supervisions will be conducted by Eglė Steponėnienė, an internationally minded supervisor of Applied Behavior Analysis, who has a BCBA certificate.

At the end of the training and after the questionnaire survey and quantitative data analysis, a review article will be prepared.

It is also intended to hold a remote discussion with Vilnius. employees of the municipality’s Family and Child Support Sub-Division for further opportunities for cooperation, since most of the participants identified inter-institutional cooperation as a significant and necessary process in educating children with developmental disabilities.

The project is financed by the Ministry of Social Security and Labor of the Republic of Lithuania.