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From 2022 In August, the Abromiškii rehabilitation hospital, together with the partner “Sękmingi vaikii” VšĮ, is implementing the project “Increasing and expanding the availability of measures for the prevention of early developmental disorders and support for children”.

The project is financed by the Public Health Promotion Fund, which is administered by the Ministry of Health. The duration of the project is from 08/01/2022 to 11/30/2022. Funding for the project – 55,922 euros.

The aim of the project is to enable parents, guardians and specialists to acquire the missing methodological knowledge and practical skills on how to help children with multifaceted developmental disorders and to prepare a set of preventive measures for children with multifaceted developmental disorders.

During the implementation of the project, it is planned for parents/guardians to conduct 2 cycles of complex theoretical and practical training (part of the training will be carried out together with children up to 7 years old – practical part), how to apply early prevention to a child with a disability or the risk of developmental delay, how to improve mutual communication in the family , and to strengthen the competences and independence of parents/guardians in dealing with emerging social and other related problems. During the training, parents/guardians will get to know the ways to provide mutual support while caring for the child, they will get to know the child’s psychological characteristics and attitude towards the disease. The major part of the training will be devoted to an overview of the characteristics of children’s development, their basic needs, and the basic principles of promoting children’s development. Parents/guardians will be trained in the principles of rehabilitation and behavior management application in home conditions, will be introduced to the possibilities of inclusion in the educational process, and the peculiarities of communication with specialists. During training, together with parents/guardians and their children (practical sessions – case studies), child specialists will discuss the basic needs of children with impaired development participating in the project – communication, language, independence; will assess the functional and social adaptation of children with developmental disabilities, what challenges parents face; will provide predictions/recommendations for possible developmental disorders. During the practical sessions, parents/guardians will be trained in the principles of structuring the environment and activities, and the application of sensory integration. Experts in this field will provide parents with educational methodical visual material entitled “Main methods of rehabilitation and application of assistance to children with developmental disabilities in daily activities”, which will be a valuable preventive measure and their daily ABC. It is planned to train 30 parents/guardians raising children with or at risk of multiple developmental disabilities.

During the implementation of the project, training for specialists (on 4 relevant topics) will be provided, which will be focused on basic knowledge about the peculiarities of the development of early-age children with multifaceted developmental disorders, the basics of early intervention in the child’s natural environment, specialized knowledge about the latest scientifically based assessment and practical assistance methods, professional competencies related to various aspects of working with families. It is planned to train 400 specialists working with children with multifaceted developmental disorders from all over Lithuania.

The digital methodical video material of the practical sessions created during the project and the prepared memo for parents/guardians will have great lasting value: the filmed video material will be further distributed to parents/guardians whose children have developmental disabilities, who come to the applicant’s and partner’s institutions after the implementation of the project to receive services.

After the implementation of the project, the project partners will continue to promote the application of preventive measures for early development and their improvement for the target group – parents/guardians raising children with developmental disorders, in order to attract more parents/guardians to use the results created during the project.