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From April 1, 2023 “Sėkmingi vaikai” Public Enterprise is starting to implement the public health measure “Management and prevention of problematic behavior using scientifically based methods.”

During the implementation of this measure, in the II and III quarters of this year, it is planned to organize a total of 24 trainings – public consultations for residents of the Vilnius City Municipality – for families raising children experiencing behavioral and emotional difficulties, as well as those with developmental disorders or the risk of them. In total, over 240 participants will be trained.

During the implementation of the measure, methodological tools with lasting value will be prepared: 3 short methodological films about the factors determining behavioral and emotional difficulties, developmental disorders and problematic behavior, methods of supporting positive behavior; electronic methodical publication “Practical application of science-based problem behavior management methods: tips for the family”.

Information about activities and invitations to trainings and public consultations will be published on the social networks and website of the Public Enterprise “Sēkmingi vaikii”. The first trainings – public consultations are planned for the second half of April, so stay tuned to our public information, as invitations to trainings will be issued soon.

This measure is financed by the Vilnius City Municipality’s “Public Health Support Special Program” in 2023. funds.